The Bunker People - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Rodney & Angela Siebert

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker was purchased by Rodney Siebert in 1995 with no greater ideas than his own love of the site. The family moved to the local area and one day his wife Angela suggested that it would make a great museum.

Work began and by 1998 they had a solid enough collection that the museum could open its doors and reveal a previously secret part of our National Cold War heritage. Since then the museum has grown massively. We have a team of 7, who work at reception and in the shop and canteen.

Angela Siebert still works hard in administration and Rodney has retired now to become more of an advisory role on the Board of Trustees, but is still a very active member of the museum. .

Lucy Siebert

Robert and Angela's Daughter Lucy, who started washing dishes and mopping floors at the age of 8, now runs the museum.
This labour of love has been a major part of the family for over 16 years. The site has expanded to include 2 new buildings and a Jet Provost.
The collection is now so large that despite having 35,000 sqft of bunker, we are struggling to house it all!
We are home to the largest public display of nuclear weapons in Europe.

Goulash, Pickle & Battenburg

The family cats,Goulash, Pickle and Battenberg have become a part of everyday life at the museum..