Ghost Hunts - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Ghost Hunts At Hack Green

Paranormal groups are welcome to explore Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker.

There have been a number of television and radio investigations including “Most Haunted” at the bunker complex. In this vast complex, the labyrinth of corridors and rooms seem to hold more secrets than just military ones. From the Great Fire of Nantwich and the Civil War through two world wars and into the potential Nuclear Conflicts of the modern age, the Hack Green site has been the location of many battles and deaths for over 500 years.

We allow full access to most areas of the bunker both on the surface and deep underground, including some not normally open to the public. However, the middle floor is sealed off for security reasons.

Any visit is tailored to your individual requirements. We do not interfere and try to accommodate your particular group’s needs or interests. Groups normally arrive early evening after the public has gone home, the earliest start time being 7pm.

A buffet or sandwiches can be provided for arrival or at any time in the evening. Tea and coffee can be served throughout the night. Snacks, cold drinks and souvenirs may be purchased from the shop which will be open during your visit. Let us know your requirements and we will try to help.

Catering is arranged in advance according to your choice and budget.

The bunker will be closed down and isolated in darkness. A full mandatory safety briefing and tour (if required) can be given to all participants. The tour does not reveal anything about previous ghost sightings or experiences. However, a briefing on the facts and relevant information to the paranormal visit can be given before or after to the group organiser.

Paranormal investigations and vigils normally end at 4am. The bunker is solely your domain for the whole evening and early morning. A senior member of our staff will be present all night to assist you.

Once agreed, you will need to send a non-refundable deposit of £100. About a week before your visit we will need to confirm numbers to be catered for etc.
We can guarantee total isolation from the real world and any outside influences once you are behind the blast doors and the 2 meter thick re-enforced concrete. But any success in your investigations is left to your group to find. Please note we do not provide and equipment, electrical cables/extensions or tables other than those used for sitting at in the canteen. We advise that you bring extra batteries and/or chargers, also extra cabling as there is no power to the lower level at all.

For more information please contact Lucy at [email protected]. Bookings require a minimum number of 12 people (or payment for 12). The price is £27 per person to book.

Please note: If you are a member of the public and have booked through a visiting paranormal group and your ticket price is higher than this it is because there is considerable expense in the operation of a paranormal investigations team and the additional amount added on to your ticket contributes to the extensive costs of team training, travel, insurance, equipment and administration.

Price for large groups
For groups of 50 or more, you only pay the price per head up to 50, after that it’s a set low price! Just contact Lucy for details. It’s a very large location so we could easily accommodate 100 people.

A note for filming
Anyone who would like to record any ghostly activity at a ghost hunt is welcome to bring and use any and all recording equipment. As long as it is for use as a record of the event for your own personal use and not for sale or reproduction. We are very fair with this rule so if you would like to post it on your website or youtube channel that’s fine, but in the interest of protecting the bunker, if you would like to film/take photos/record audio etc. for other purposes or intend to use the footage in any other way please contact Lucy at [email protected], please be aware that charges may apply.

If you are a small group or individual and would like to attend one of the ghost hunts please contact one of the companies/groups below as they would be happy for you to come along.

Any other enquiries to [email protected]