Current Objectives - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Current Objectives

Here we unveil some of our secrets and let you know what we are up to behind the scenes. Also,
some of our public projects that we are growing.

Project: Cold War Stories

Here at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker we are starting a new project to run throughout 2014 and beyond called Cold War Stories. It will be an active installation throughout the bunker. We all have our own stories about how the Cold War played a part in our lives, a personal memory of the period. We want to capture this before it’s gone. We are appealing to all of our friends, followers and visitors to send in letters, pictures and personal recollections of the Cold War. These will all be printed out and stuck on the walls of the bunker for the whole of 2014, for our visitors to see. At the end of the year they will all be scanned in and complied to form a permanent account of The Cold War and a vital part of our archive.

Please, send in your Cold War Story and be a part of an archive that will be invaluable for current and future generations.

To get involved with this project, visit our Get Involved! section. (HERE)


Throughout the summer and autumn we take our special vehicle called the TACTICA to shows all over the area. You might have seen us! It’s a great way to bring a little, well not that little, piece of the bunker to new people.

Bunker Bucket Challenge

We were challenged by Drakelow Tunnels to a ‘Bunker Bucket Challenge’. Here is our Bunker Bucket Challenge with Lucy and Goulash. It involves some very dodgy water from a pit in the back of the plant room. Lovely!
We donated to Hope House Children’s Hospices and nominated Scotland’s Secret Bunker and Kelvedon Hatch Bunker!

More projects and information on it’s way soon…