Small Spies Training Ground - Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

The Spy Mouse Trail

Small Spies Training Ground

mouse-1-compYour mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help rid Hack Green of the terrible spy mice and find them and their leader, Big “R” Rusky the spy rat.
Pick up your secret orders on your way into the bunker, hand them back when you leave and you’ll receive a Secret Agent Certificate.
Find them all and we’ll reward you!

In the Cold War everybody knew of the secret service MI6 in London and it’s Russian equivalent in the Kremlin in Moscow, the K.G.B. No one knew that underneath the floor boards of these secret offices a world of ‘Spy Mice’ existed. Our secret agent mice worked for M.I.6. (Mouse Investigation Branch 6) and the Russian spy mice for E.E.K. (Eastern European Kremlin).

Top secret spy mice made their way from the Russian ports, stowing away on ships bound for the nearby port of Liverpool. From there they made their way to the Bunker to steal the secret war plans kept at Hack Green and to steal the recipe for the famous tasty Cheshire Cheese.

We desperately need the help of all who visit, to find the spy mice hidden in the Bunker.
Your mission… should you choose to accept it, is to tell us how many mice there are in our Bunker and where they are hiding.
Watch out for their leader Rusky the Big Spy Rat, he is somewhere in the Bunker plotting and planning!

Complete your mission and hand back these secret documents at reception before you leave to get a certificate and if you find all of the secret Spy Mice you win a prize!